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Our co-founder Nelson R. Esquivel Sr. immigrated from Costa Rica in search of a country with better opportunities for himself and his family, thus arriving in the United States in early 1999. In 2000, he joined the trucking industry as a waste hauler driver. With hard work and persistence, Nelson Sr. bought his first two trucks in 2006, a 1996 Kenworth and a 1998 379 Peterbilt. Although he had accomplished his dream of owning trucks, a long road head was waiting, as he only knew the logistics of the industry. Nelson Esquivel Jr. a young high school graduated shared the same dream as his father to build a transportation company, as a result, Hot Land Trucking Inc was created. Soon after Nelson Jr. leased their equipment to an over-the-road company, and began the uncharted road of learning a whole new branch of the industry. Nelson Sr. kept his waste hauler driver position to allow the company to grow organically, allowing his son to manage the two trucks.

The Beginnings

In 2010, Nelson had learned the basics of the business and took control of the family business with the vision of one day become a complete service over-the-road hauling company. His first step towards the vision was to become independent and have its authority, thus obtaining the company’s MC’s and DOT’s permits. This would allow the company to stop leasing and earn all the effort and work applied to the moment. In August of 2010 Hot Land obtained its authority and was ready to hit the road, but ran into a snag when the company had used all its resources and was running low on hard cash. However, this was only one more hurdle to overcome, Nelson Jr. sold his old car for $500.00 to add fuel to one of the trucks to complete its first trip.

Hard beginnings

Since the knowledge and information were little to none on running a business, the hurdles started to show along the way, the income was not sufficient to the many repairs aged trucks required, and no position on the marketplace brought the first failure in 2013 when Hot Land Trucking Inc. had to close its doors. Nelson A. Jr acknowledged the situation and took a deeper dive into studying and preparing himself to better understand the industry. Nelson Jr. became a Certified Master Broker and Transportation Journeyman. Along with the experience gained and the education acquired, Nelson Jr. opened his broker agency, Hot Land Freight Systems., LLC. A year passed and the lack of sales to keep the business afloat, along with the competitive business and poor sales experience, Nelson Jr. experienced yet another failure and closed the doors of Hot Land Freight Systems., LLC. The following five years Nelson Jr., was astray and fearful to give the industry another shot, although he understood that the lack of experience in sales was a major factor in his last failure and commence to educate and practice the art of sales. In 2018 he took the reins of his life and a new journey began.

New Start – New opportunity

In 2018 Nelson Jr was an employee for a trucking company in Florida, yet never felt at ease and knew he was meant to do more. The drive to strive for better rose and he was ready to pick up where he left off six years ago, but with more experience, preparation, and a new vision he was ready to fight again for his dreams and beliefs. Nelson Jr. and Nelson Sr. agreed to give join forces and enter the trucking industry again. In 2018 HOT LAND CARRIER., LLC was created.


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    Logistic Transportation


    What we do

    We are professional logistics providers, as an asset base refrigerated carrier we can provide real solutions to our customer needs as FTL, LTL or Multi-drop on Fresh or Frozen goods.


    Hot Land Carrier, LLC was founded in 2018 with a very deep roots in the Industry since 2004, Read more about our beginnings and history on Our Company tab.

    What is our vision and mission

    Hot Land Carrier was established to become one of the best carriers in providing better logistics solutions in the refrigerated food industry, with work ethic, and high performance service providing our people tools and guidance to achieve their dreams and expectations of their hard work and efforts throughout the Industry.