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Hot land carrier has over 15 – years of experience and specializes in OTR and regional routes. Our experienced dispatch team provides efficiency and precision On FTL and multi-stop loads. We pride ourselves on our specialization in temperature-sensitive control products ranging from seafood, poultry, and produce. As a Refrigerated -based carrier, we provide cost-effective transportation from our home state florida to new jersey, pennsylvania and new york.

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Our professional tractor-trailer operators excel in delivering each load with efficiency, compliance and safety. If you are ready to drive your success, fill up an Application., we will like to hear from you.

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Our co-founder Nelson R. Esquivel Sr. immigrated from Costa Rica in search of a country with better opportunities for himself and his family, thus arriving in the United States in early 1999. In 2000, he joined the trucking industry as a waste hauler driver. With hard work and persistence, Nelson Sr. bought his first two trucks in 2006, a 1996 Kenworth and a 1998 379 Peterbilt. Although he had accomplished his dream of owning trucks, a long road head was waiting, as he only knew the logistics of the industry. Nelson Esquivel Jr. a young high school graduated shared the same dream as his father to build a transportation company, as a result, Hot Land Trucking Inc was created. Soon after Nelson Jr. leased their equipment to an over-the-road company, and began the uncharted road of learning a whole new branch of the industry. Nelson Sr. kept his waste hauler driver position to allow the company to grow organically, allowing his son to manage the two trucks.

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We at Hot Land Carrier, LLC are looking for top professionals on logistics, Such as planners, dispatchers, logistics salesmen, Freight Brokers… We are not interested in your diploma but in your experience and willingness to learn and become part of our team.

If you believe you can provide our company and customers real value we will take care of you as nobody else will in this Industry, even if you don’t have any experience but you are willing to learn and commit to be part of our family, we are looking for you!

Our Services

Fresh Loads

Fresh Loads

As refrigerated carriers we provide the best in excellence transportation for food products such as produce, We understand the delicanse on products such as. The right temperature, the correct cleanliness and handling on every shipment is unique, This is why we moved every single shipment with the importance necessary not just to arrive with a safe product but as fresh as possible.

Frozen Loads

Frozen Loads

We specialize in frozen shipments. Our state of the art equipment protects every shipment with the correct temperature -10 on frozen bread 28 on Poultry, we can meet all the necessary temperature required for every shipment, we do Multi-stop freight and FTL and frozen temperature control.



As an asset base refrigerated carrier, we are committed to deliver excellence and capacity on every shipment providing cost effective transportation and reducing liability to our customers from point of Pickup to delivery, this is why we provide our services as Intermediaries to provide more capacity and better options to our customers and outside carriers… Our mission is to help our customers and network carriers to improve their capabilities and increase their possibilities for a better service on both ends.


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    What we do

    We are professional logistics providers, as an asset base refrigerated carrier we can provide real solutions to our customer needs as FTL, LTL or Multi-drop on Fresh or Frozen goods.


    Hot Land Carrier, LLC was founded in 2018 with a very deep roots in the Industry since 2004, Read more about our beginnings and history on Our Company tab.

    What is our vision and mission

    Hot Land Carrier was established to become one of the best carriers in providing better logistics solutions in the refrigerated food industry, with work ethic, and high performance service providing our people tools and guidance to achieve their dreams and expectations of their hard work and efforts throughout the Industry.

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